Starwalker Picosecond Laser

singapore aesthetic clinic starwalker pico laser

The Fotona StarWalker MaQX picosecond laser system is a revolutionary US FDA approved picosecond laser system for treating tattoos, pigmented and vascular lesions, acne and scar revision. The ultra-high-performance Q-switched picosecond laser is equipped with the groundbreaking proprietary Adaptive Structured Pulse (ASP) technology which creates the Starwalker difference.

TThe Fotona Starwalker MaQx picosecond laser is a combination of ultrashort pulse peak powers of a picosecond laser with the peak energies of a nanosecond Q-switched laser to achieve the most optimal results.

singapore aesthetic clinic starwalker pico laser

How it works?

The 1064nm wavelength picosecond laser of the Starwalker MaQx system targets brown and black pigments in all layers of the skin. The laser energy also kills acne-causing bacteria, eliminating acne lesions. Furthermore, because of its deep penetration, it shrinks pores and also decreases the size of oil glands, hence also preventing acne and improving skin texture.

What can Starwalker picosecond laser help you with

  • Overall skin brightening and rejuvenation
  • Treatment of acne and acne scars
  • Treatment of pigmentation like birthmarks, brown spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Pore size reduction
  • Regulate and reduce sebum production

Pain Factor?

There is minimal discomfort and pain associated with the Starwalker picosecond laser treatments. Most patients feedback that they feel very gentle energy taps on the screen which is highly comfortable compared to other Qswitched and Pico laser devices.


The treatment has minimal to no downtime depending on your treatment indication.

How does Fotona Starwalker compare with other laser devices?

The Fotona Starwalker is a perfect combination of picosecond lasers and high-powered Q-switched laser and technologically more advanced laser system unlike any other. When compared with traditional high-powered Q-switched lasers, the Fotona Starwalker delivers laser treatments with picosecond pulses within nanosecond pulses with lower pain factor and lower risk. When compared with Pico Lasers, the Starwalker delivers higher pulse energy and therefore provides more effective and faster results.

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