Nose Threadlift

What is a Nose Thread Lift procedure?*
Nose threadlift is the latest trend in aesthetic medicine to help reshape and enhance your nose without surgery.
They are used to redefine and straighten the nose contour, lift the nose tip, and to increase the height of your nose by lifting the nose bridge. Nose threads can also be used to reshape the base of the nose, lifting it up and allowing the nose to look sharper and more defined.

nose threadlift singapore aesthetic clinic*

How it works*
In our clinic, we use the original threadlift techniques from Korea developed by Dr. Kwon Hanjin - the founder of the Ultra V Lift threadlifting technology. Nose threads are made of PCL (Polycaprolactone) or PDO (Polydioxanone) material. Depending on individual condition, different number of threads will be used.

When threads are placed through the middle of the nose bridge (through the tip), these dissolvable threads straightens the bridge of the nose and creates a higher-looking nose. The added volume of the threads helps to give rise to the increase in height and straightness of the nose.

In addition, once inserted, the nose threads act as a scaffolding structure which immediately helps to contour, give definition, sharpen, lift and or shape the nose as desired without surgery.

Is it permanent/how long does it last?*
Nose threads are made of PDO / PCL are material used for surgical sutures, and will be absorbed by the body. Nose threads typically last 1 – 2 years, depending on type of material used, lifestyle and how your body reacts to it.
Threadlifts also stimulates collagen synthesis under the skin and some people might notice that some effect of the threadlifts persist longer. As the threads dissolve over time, they create new collagen, and tissue fibroblasts in the skin, which results in tighter skin, hence enhancing the nose’s definition and contour.

nose threadlift singapore aesthetic clinic*

Nose Thread or Nose Fillers?*
Many patients come to our clinic for nose augmentation. Over the years, nose threadlifts have become increasingly more popular compared to fillers largely due to the fact that nose threadlift procedures are generally less time consuming (dubbed as a lunch-time procedure) and has a lower risk of complications.

Nonetheless, every individual’s nose is different and some noses are more suitable for threadlifts, while some will benefit more from fillers. A combination of threads and fillers are sometimes used for a more dramatic result. The choice of threads or fillers will depend on your objective and desired outcome.

Key differences between Nose Thread vs Nose Filler*
Threadlifts are able to achieve a higher nose tip, which is more difficult to achieve with nose filler injections.
Threadlifts do not spread out to broaden the nose which may occur with nose filler injections.
Both can give excellent improvement in the nose contour when done properly.
Both treatments have good longevity and can be repeated when the effects start to wane.
For best results, a combination of Nose Thread and Nose Fillers may be used - depending on individual condition.

How many nose threads will I need?*
There are many factors to consider – the desired effect, initial nose shape, whether it’s a combination of fillers and threads or just threads alone. We use between 6 – 10 threads per procedure, depending on type of threads used.

Is it painful?*
Numbing cream is applied before the procedure and local anesthesia is injected at 2-3 points along the nose. This numbs the whole area and you do not feel any pain during the procedure.

Is there any downtime?*
There can be small injection marks from where the local anesthesia is injected and where the threads are inserted, and possible mild swelling at the area of the injection for about 1-2 hours.

Are there any side effects?*
There is zero to minimal side effects for nose threadlifts and they are considered safer than fillers as they do not obstruct any blood vessels.

Possible side effects can include injection marks (1-2 points) and mild soreness on the nose. As with any injection procedures, infection at the puncture site is possible and sterility at a proper medical clinic will greatly reduce this risk.

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